Bruno Y. Thalmann


We sat down with Bruno Y. Thalmann, the CEO of Art Leasing & Invest AG, to discuss the potential value of Michel Comte’s work and why certain pieces have proven to be of sustainable value.

by William Summerfield

Thalmann assured us, ‘his work is a valuable and secure investment, offering a vital opportunity in today’s art market. If you analyze the data from all recent sales at auction, it quickly becomes clear that works by Michel Comte have consistently sold for well above their estimated price at auction, even outperforming the prices for comparable pieces sold in galleries.’

Prices for Michel Comte’s work have shown considerable growth over the last decade, with average prices increasing 5-10% every year. For example, the price for Helena Christensen V (1993) soared from a premium of $16,970 at Philips, London in 2014 to over $27,000 at Sotheby’s, London in 2016. Artworks certified by the Michel Comte Estate, have regularly sold at auction for over $20,000 since 2008. 

‘Comte’s work is also rarely unsold works at auction, which is remarkable given that more than 200 of his pieces have now appeared for sale,’ Thalmann adds. His work is sold across the globe, appearing in sales in Europe, Asia and the Americas at the most preeminent auction houses including Sotheby’s, Christie’s and Phillips.

The market for his work is furthered bolstered by the regular international exhibitions devoted to his work, at important galleries and museums worldwide. Read more about Comte’s exhibitions here.

‘The Michel Comte Estate provides an exceptionally high level of professional management. Not only do they expertly promote the work, but they always ensure that it is archived with the utmost accuracy and with a clear and thorough edition structure and authentication process. Maintaining such standards is vital for sustaining the value of an artist’s work and is absolutely guaranteed with the Michel Comte Estate.’ 


All artworks purchased from the Michel Comte Estate are always sold as part of a limited edition and with a Certificate of Authenticity, ensuring our clients can have total confidence in reselling their work. The Michel Comte Estate has the exclusive right to offer certificates of authenticity for photographic works by the artist. Read more about authenticity here.

About Bruno Y. Thalmann and Art Leasing & Invest AG

Started in 2006, Art Leasing offers bespoke expertise to collectors for the financing, analysis and management of their artwork, always providing invaluable insight into art investment. Bruno Y. Thalmann brings his extraordinary knowledge and experience to advise clients of the Michel Comte Estate, enabling all our buyers to purchase with security and confidence.

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